Thursday, April 01, 2010

Dinner Time Fun

We don't do much for April Fools Day around here. April 1 is also my mom's birthday, so it's not usually a day for pranks -- other than last year when everyone surprised her for her 50 birthday.

I decided to have some fun with the kids, so thanks to Family Fun I planned and carried out a prankster's dinner. We had

Not Chicken Pot Pie

Vanilla Pudding with Starburst carrots and corn
Airhead peas
White Chocolate Chicken
Banana Potatoes
Topped with a pie crust

And for dessert
Meatloaf Cupcakes with
Mashed Potato Frosting

Oh, I almost forgot about the side of
mashed potato ice cream
and toffee gravy

Needless to say, Kara took one look at the mashed potatoes and told me that it was ice cream and caramel. It took her a few licks of the frosting before she told me it was mashed potato, and then she looked at the meat and said "This is a meat cupcake, thank you mom for making such a healthy cupcake."


Alicia said...

Awesome! We did the meat cupcakes too . . . Chloe was so disappointed the meal wasn't totally sugar. :) Isn't family fun the best?!?

Tracy said...

Really, Kara was complaining to me that I used food coloring in the mashed potatoes b/c "food coloring is not good for our bodies." I love Family Fun, but I guess to please my oldest I'll have to try the healthy version next time :)

Mary Ann said...

Kara's comments are so funny! Get to them while they are young, right? :-)
I think your food looks very convincing. That being said, not sure I could actually eat it!
Glad you had such a fun April Fool's Day!