Saturday, April 24, 2010

Almost 6

Wow, I can hardly believe it. Six years ago I was anticipating the birth of my oldest child. With the due date almost two weeks away, I knew for certain I would be going into labor within the next few days -- I was that confident that Kara would come early because of how crazy life would be if she didn't.

Last Saturday we celebrated Kara's sixth birthday (even though her birthday isn't until Tuesday, April 27). Kara chose a Tea Party theme for her birthday party, and I was more than happy to go along with this theme. It was so easy, and the girls loved it.

Kara blowing out the candles on her tea pot birthday cake. For those of you who don't know,
Kara thinks she is a cat, and that is why she begged me the day before to put
a cat on her birthday cake. So, I did (or at least I attempted to - she thought it was a bear).

Each of Kara's friends brought their favorite doll to the party
Here are the girls making sure their dolls are having enough tea
and sweets.

The girls carefully unfolded their napkins and placed the napkins in their laps.
It was so neat to watch these young girls be so concerned about proper etiquette
they were beautiful in their fine dress and pure girlishness

Kara loves to play Go Fish, so the girls gathered around
together to play a game of Go Fish - Thank you Lynette for
facilitating this game for me.

While Lynette was helping the girls play Go Fish, I was helping them one girl at a time
glue ribbons and flowers on hats for their dolls. It was fun to see each girls
personality exhibited by which ribbon and flower she chose, and how she wanted it placed
on the hat.

Kara absolutely loves the new doll she received for her birthday.
Here are all of the girls, their dolls, and their hats. Andy had just arrived back from
his trip to the park with Daddy, Ezekiel, Opa, Uncle Tim, and Uncle Joel, so he wanted to get in the picture. Thankfully Aunt Beth was kind enough to get Raggedy Andy down off the shelf
for the picture.

And here is the birthday girl. I will post more about her later this week if I
get a chance.

To see more pictures from Kara's Birthday Party click here

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