Thursday, July 31, 2008

While Kara was out . . .

This morning after Kara left to go to Vacation Bible School, JA and I put shoes on Lydia and Andy and we went out to harvest the corn growing in our garden. We've already been able to enjoy half a dozen ears of corn for meals, but today's harvest was to be processed for future meals.

Outside, JA and I would hand Lydia and Andy to corn we removed from the stalks and they would place the corn in either the bucket or on the table when the bucket was too full. When we came inside, JA sat down on the floor with Lydia and Andy and husked the corn while I washed off the tassle and prepared to blanch it.

Here you have Lydia on her first attempt at husking the corn

Andy was doing his best to try and help, but he kept wanting to escape to another part of the house. I guess we need to teach him to have a better work ethic :)

Lydia proudly displaying how far she has gotten on husking her ear of corn
(she completed three ears of corn)

I'm not positive, but I think Andy had a little bit of help in getting this far on his corn.
With everyone pitching in and helping to process the corn we were able to have it completely processed (from picking to in the freezer) in less than two hours. I am very thankful that JA was willing to take the time to help me with the corn, or I would have spent most of the day working on it.

Tonight while JA was out doing some work at the church, Kara decided she wanted to play super heros. She grabbed her blanket and asked me to tie it for her like a cape. Once Lydia and Andy saw what Kara was doing, they both raced upstairs to their rooms and quickly returned with their own blankets -- eager to be morphed into Super Heros themselves.

Andy had a little difficulty keeping up with his sisters -- their legs are a little longer.

Still trailing after Kara and Lydia

As Kara and Lydia pretended they were dead, Andy went to try and help them back to life (he's good at that because he likes to body slam so it doesn't take long for them to be up and running again).

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CanCan said...

How sweet! My son likes to play "heroes" too!