Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fun around the house

With gas prices on the rise, we've been busy trying to see how much fun we can have around the house. Recently the kids have been talking a lot about wanting to go camping. So, last week, Kara, Lydia, and Andy all brought their blankets and pillows down to the living room and spread them out. Then they each had a blast laying on the floor and pretended that they were camping.

Here is Kara resting on her pallet.

Lydia and Andy enjoy going along with every plan their sister cooks up.

Enjoying a dessert of Bomb Pops -- complete with coffee filter to collect drippings.
Kara also enjoyed her Bomb Pop
I had to cut Andy's hair the other day, so the girls decided they needed haircuts also.
Here is Lydia's short hair.

Kara's hair received the most dramatic cut, but I am really liking
how it no longer looks so stringy.

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