Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Storm Pictures

Last Thursday we had a bad storm that sent us to the basement for about half an hour. About 15 mi from us they had six inches of hail and a tornado. Praise the Lord for his protection. We had some of the hail, and it bruised our air conditioner, busted some screens, and we won't know about the roof until the insurance man comes and examines them. Others in our church lost all their wheat, and windows. Here are the results of the storm in our home.

Unfortunately my garden got a bit bruised. My squash has recovered. I lost all of the eggplants, cantelope, one pumpkin plant, and one tomato plant. I think one of my squash plants keeled over. My peppers, carrots, corn, peas, and beans all made it through without a problem.

This was a couple hours after the storm. When it was falling it was about the size of golf balls. We could see it banging up against the basement window.

This huge branch busted off the tree, and popped the pool. So JA had to go get a new pool for the kids b/c today the weather was suppose to be about 90 degrees.

JA and Tim cutting up the tree branch

Here is one picture of Kara. She got to go to a SuperHero Birthday Party on Saturday. Here she is dressed as SuperKara.

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Alicia said...

Yikes, that looks like one nasty storm! Praise the Lord the damage was minimal.

Love that super kara costume! Did you make her that shirt?