Friday, June 01, 2007

Memorial Day

Monday was a fantastic day. Not only did we get a ton of things done around the house, but we also had a blast spending time together as a family.

This is Andy's second time in the pool --
first time he took a nose dive, so he's a little tenative now.

Monday began JA's first week of hospital chaplain. So, when he took off at 10:00 to go make his rounds, the girls and I headed outside for some fun (Andy was taking a nap).

First thing on the agenda was to tackle my Onion Patch. I had to pull up at least 20 onions b/c they had gotten too big. I planted the new sprouts at the same time. For some reason though, my new sprouts don't want to stand up nice and tall, but I have a feeling I waited too long to plant them.

While I was tending to the onions, JA came home and surprised me with a cappachino (the instant kind from the gas station -- we don't have any coffee shops in town :-( ). Then, we proceeded to argue over who would mow the backyard. Well, it wasn't really an arguement. We both wanted to. JA b/c he enjoys it, and me b/c most of the women at church mow their yards and I have never mowed a yard before. So, JA let me and I actually had fun. While I mowed, JA worked in the garage on staining the wood for his bookcase.

All this time the kids were having a great time running around outside. I finally found the secret to helping them have a good time outside -- Be outside with them. I do spend time playing with them, but usually I'm in and out when they are outside. Even though I wasn't right with them the entire time, they had fun coming and checking on my progress or seeing what I was doing.

After lunch we blew up the kids pool, and all three kids had a great time enjoying the sunshine and cool water
Kara was having a blast in the pool; however, Lydia didn't like the cold water, so she was doing everything she could to avoid getting in the water.

Lydia finally gave in and climbed into the pool. We had a hard time getting her to come out after that.

All tuckered out after playing in the pool. Just kidding mom, I was just resting my head.

This isn't so bad now.

Just a note, I found a washable swim diaper for Andy at Toys R Us. This washable diaper was cheaper than one package of the disposable swim diapers. The advantage -- I can use it all summer and it will hold the same messes as those disposable ones and save me money. I can even hadwash it and put it right back on. I'm looking forward to this saving me lots of money in diapers this summer.


Alicia said...

That is one fun looking pool! Can you leave it up and inflated all summer?

Chloe has two cloth swim diapers for the summer time too! They're awesome and save SO MUCH money. I found some matching bikini tops at children's place for $1 each.

Hope the onions take!

Tfipps said...

That is like a waterpark for your backyard!! My girls would love that.

Josh & Bekah said...

Awesome news on the cloth swim diaper. I'll have to pick one up for Stephen. We've already been through one package of swim diapers!!! They are expensive.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a great pool for the kids! Enjoy them while you can. - Cindy