Saturday, June 09, 2007


JA and I have had the privilege to be working on several different projects over the last couple of months. We've had a lot of fun working together and spending time with each other while getting things done.

Here are some of the projects we have completed:

For Mother's Day, JA wanted me to make matching outfits for us girls. So I attempted to sew a sundress for each of the girls, and a skirt for myself. It ended up saving a ton of money -- The two dresses and skirt cost a total of $4

We purchased a beanbag chair for the reading corner in the girls room. However, it was an ugly grey. So, I took some fleece I had on hand (leftover from a tie blanket I made a few years ago -- Elizabeth, does it look familiar?), and I sewed a cover for it. Total cost -- $0
JA and I have so many books that we don't have nearly enough shelf space. So, JA built two bookcases (I only took a picture of one of them). The cost was a bit pricey at about $200, but to purchase two big bookcases like this would have cost a whole lot more. This was probably the project we spent the most time on, but it was a blast -- staining the wood, and putting it together. JA even let me drill and help put it together.
The girls bathroom has been without a curtain since we moved in. So, I finally broke down and bought some material and ribbon. Borrowing this idea from Alicia, I made a curtain for the bathroom window. I only covered the bottom half of the window so we could get sunlight in during the day and conserve on the electricity. Total cost -- $4
And this project was a no brainer. I took some of the left over material from the curtain, and tucked it in over the back of the toilet. Cost -- $0

Some of the other projects we've started/completed include building a flowerbed in the backyard, cleaning up after the storm (okay, so it's not a big project but it was necessary).Of course my garden that you've seen in other posts, and a few other small things.

I know several of you are wanting to see the quilt I've been working on for Andy's room. Well, that has had to take a back burner to several other things that needed doing. But, hopefully I'll have it done in the next month or two -- I'd better, b/c I'm joining a quilting group, and if I don't meet my goals on my quilt each month I have to buy everyone a fat quarter of fabric. And since I don't like spending lots of money, I'll be trying hard to meet my goals.

What are some projects you have been working on lately.


Alicia said...

Yay for your sewing projects!!!! Those dresses and your skirt look so nice! Were the dresses easy to make? I'm sure they'll get a lot of use out of them this summer.

And way to go on the easy bathroom curtain! Glad I could help inspire you. Wasn't it incredibly easy? Yours turned out swimmingly (pun intended)!

carissa said...

I am soooo impressed, Tracy! You are the virtuous woman!! :) Where did you get your pool? That looks like a blast. Our kids would love it. Love you and I'll tell Trisha you say hi and love her too!! :)

juliechall said...

Hi Tracy,

I know I'm bad for not posting, but these last couple of weeks have been insane. Sorry - but thanks for the pics from graduation and I will get ours up asap. We just finished the baseboards in our living room and it really gives the room a much more finished look. We haven't been doing as many projects as you though! We'll be praying for the family in your church and that God will give you guys wisdom in ministering to the people there.

Love you! Say hi to the kids for me!