Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Fields are White unto the Harvest

Daddy and Andy on their way to the combine

Yesterday we had the privilege to go out and watch some of the people in our church harvest their wheat. It was so neat to learn more about harvest, and it helped both JA and me understand the passage where Christ says "the fields are white unto the harvest." When the field is ripe with good grain, the heads on the wheat are a light color. The wheat is also suppose to bend with the weight of the head. When people who are confronted with the Gospel are ready for Christ they bend under the weight of their sin, and they are humbled before God. It's so awesome to be able to understand the Scriptures better in light of the harvest.

Can you see the blue hat in the combine?
That's Andy behind the wheel. He enjoyed two whole
hours in the combine (that's twice as much as the rest of us had).
Click on the picture to enlarge and you'll be able to clearly see Andy behind the wheel.

While we weren't able to be much help seeing as how we don't know how to drive the combines and such, we did have a great time. Each of us were able to ride in the combine and see how the harvest process worked up close.
Kara and I are riding in the combine

JA and Kara standing in the straw after the wheat's been cut.

While I didn't get a picture of Lydia in the combine, Lydia was truly my little farm gal. With short hair and hat, and bare feet, she was trampling all over the straw like it was nothing. She was having a blast. Every time a combine came near she wanted to run out and ride in it again.

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Alicia said...

what a cool experience! i bet the girls will be playing farm now for a good while. :) did andy get to be a part of the festivities?