Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Winter Wednesdays at the Zoo

Today Mom and I decided to take all of the kids on a walk through the jungle. Timmy held Kara's hand as they walked across the suspension bridge. Kara Lydia and I stopped to take a break on a flat slab of rock (a.k.a. bench). The jungle was exciting as we had lots of birds come within a couple of feet of us. We even saw two Scarlet Macaws!

Andy fell asleep in an Orangatains arm. Thankfully the monkey was very kind and stayed very still while Andy slept so he wouldn't wake up.

From the jungle to the African pride lands, we had a wonderful time. Timothy enjoyed playing with the lions. We watched the lions, the elephants, the zebras, and the giraffe's as they played. The Hippos stayed quietly in their lake. It was difficult pushing the stroller through the jungle, but we made it out alive without any scratches.

Our adventure today was great fun -- then we hoped in the van and left the zoo. Seriously, I have now added a new activity to the girls play schedule -- Wednesdays at the zoo (when the weather is nice enough). Every Wednesday through the winter, the zoo only charges a dollar a person. With such a low price, we can hardly afford to stay away!


carissa said...

Andy's growing so fast. Loved the pictures. I showed Emma and Andrew and they thought the Arangitang (sp?) was cool :)

Anonymous said...

hey you feeding my grandson to the monkey or what. Love ya all.

Tata said...

I think you see more African animals than I do! Thanks for the sweet pictures.

Josh and Bekah Jones said...

We loved your zoo pictures. Stephen is now up on our blog. Spread the word.