Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Thanksgiving Blessings

For the past week, I have been focusing on the many things that I am thankful for. The Lord has granted us multiple blessings, and I need to share them with you.

1. I am thankful for my God (the following are from 120 Reasons to Thank God by Connie Moore
a. That I can put my trust in you. Psalm 16:1
b. You are mindful of man. Psalm 8:4
c. That your way is perfect and your Word is proved. Psalm 18:30
d. That you gird me with strength. Psalm 18:32
e. That you will strengthen my heart. Psalm 27:14
f. I know that my times are in your hands. Psalm 31:15

2. An amazing husband who loves me.
a. He spends time playing with our children
b. He works hard to provide for us.
c. He is even willing to change diapers on a frequent basis.

3. A wonderful Mother-in-Law -- Phyllis Hall
a. She is faithfully serving God in Uganda.
b. She has never once told me how to run our home or raise our children.
c. She loves the Lord with all her heart.
e. She is constantly praying for us.

4. My wonderful parents, sister, and brother
a. They serve the Lord faithfully here in Kansas
b. They opened their home for us to live.
c. They love the Lord sincerely.
d. They are praying for us.

5. My Children
a. The Lord has given us three healthy and energetic children.
b. They are teaching me much more than I am teaching them.
c. Although they have their moments, they are usually obedient.
d. I love the hugs and kisses they come up and give me for absolutely no reason.
e. They are willing to forgive and forget my mistakes.


Anonymous said...

thanks tracy! I esp. liked the part of hugs for no reason and FORGIVENESS. Oh! how kids are truly a blessing!

Phil Hall said...

Hey Tracy and JA--Glad you guys had a good thanksgiving! I went to the Priest's house. I want to call you guys sometime before I leave for christmas.