Monday, November 20, 2006

My Little Mommy

Kara has become quite the little mommy. She wants to do everything that I do. Some of it is cute, and some times it can be a little frustrating, but I think it is the biggest complement she can give me. She has also enjoyed cuddling with me before bed lately :-)

The other day after JA finished giving Kara a bath, Kara came out of the bathroom with her towel on her head and said "Like Mommy."

Thursday after I brought Kara and Lydia home from the library after storytime (I had left Andy at home with my mom), Kara decided to share with Andy. She had found some cherrios sitting on the table, and I saw her place one on the floor right in front of him. As I stooped down to pick up the cherrio while telling Kara how sweet it was for her to share but Andy couldn't eat cherrios yet, I discovered just how much Kara was sharing with Andy. She had already placed a cherrio in his mouth. I now need to keep a better eye on my little mommy.

A couple days ago I walked into the living room and found Kara trying to play with her little brother. I thought it made such a cute picture I had to snap it.
Today Kara had a playdate with a couple of kids we met at storytime. She had a blast - new toys, and we helped make pies for Thanks- giving. Here Kara is smashing cookies for the pie crust.


Tata said...

Thanks Tracy,
I really enjoyed the news and the pictures. I'm glad Kara wants to be just like mommy. Please greet your mom and dad, Beth and Timmy for me. Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Love you guys,

juliechall said...

What a fun thing Tracy. It makes me excited to have children but I guess it also makes me a little nervous to realize how much they notice and imitate. I guess it is sobering to realize that if you are a Christ-like person, this will have a huge impact on your children.
I wish we could see you for Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to being with the fam, but will miss having you there. I hope you have a wonderful time. Love you guys!