Monday, November 06, 2006

Fun Night -- October 31

I thought I had my last pajama party back in High School, but I was wrong. This year's Halloween Alternative (Fun Night) was a Pajama Party. JA even bought me new pajamas to be able to wear to Fun Night. I decided to take the girls for part of the time (JA was working, and I wanted them to be able to go). We stayed for an hour and a half -- We all had a great time, even Andy who was getting passed around.They had planned a bunch of activities for the kids ranging from popping baloons to pulling each other on sleeping bags. Kara didn't want to participate in the organized games, but she had a fun time playing and just running around. Lydia quickly found her way to the food table and munched on a cookie for most of the time.Both girls enjoyed riding on the little car that one of the families had brought. Kara especially enjoyed pushing Lydia on it.Andy was content to be held and sleep (of course that's about all that could be expected of a four-day old. We had a great time, and it was definately better than going out trick-or-treating (the girls still ended up with a huge bag of candy).


TwoMuths said...

How fun! BTW, you look great, Tracy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy,
Andy is very cute! The pajama party looked really fun! I loved the girls little night gowns. I'm sure the girls must love their little brother.

samantha said...

WOW--good for you getting out after only 4 days!! The girls look so cute and seem to be enjoying Andy! Still praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Dear JA and Tracy,
The kids look great. Good job with the baby. We are excited for your family. Thank the Lord for your job and housing. Ya'll are great at making memories for a lifetime. How wonderful it is to live for the Lord. You have been all over North America, and even the best places on the continent, such as Moncton, New Brunswick and stuff. You both sure look different since you moved to Kansas. And JA doesnt even look like he's straining while pulling Tracy on the sleeping bag.And of coarse Lydia is going to snack...its a Hall thing. Have a Great day. Love, Jason Cochran

Tracy said...

Thanks for the complement Jenny, I'm feeling pretty good so far. The girls are enjoying their little brother quite a bit. We are having a wonderful time as a family.

Jason, that's my dad pulling my mom on the sleeping bag -- not JA and me. It's great to hear from you.