Friday, November 10, 2006

Fun Photos

Aunt Gayle, we want to say thank you for the wonderful PJ's. They are keeping us nice and warm at night. And they fit great (a little big, but just enough room for us to be able to wear them all winter). We love you, and we miss you!
Kara and Lydia

P.S. Andy will be able to fit the sleepers in a couple of weeks and then we will post a picture with him.

Aunt Beth is Looking for her frog prince! But in the mean time, she's going to settle for a handsome nephew :-)

When Kara and Lydia were born, I made them each a blanket. This summer while I was in Canada, I spent some time making Andy's blanket (I'm thankful we were able to find out he was a boy -- I didn't know with Lydia, so I had to wait until after she was born to make her blanket). Here you see our little Tigger sleeping on his blanket.

Below is a picture of Andy's bed for the present time. Opa had ordered a Moses basket from him on E-bay, but unfortunately the seller never sent it. So we are still waiting to get him his real bed, but for now the laundry basket is the perfect size for him, and it fits perfectly between our bed and the wall.


samantha said...

Such cute pictures!! The laundry basket is a great idea!!

Kelli said...

Great pictures! I love Andy's blanket. I have blankets made for 2 of my children and I am not even pregnant! Oh well. That is a very neat thing to pass on to your children. The kids all look very happy.