Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Baby's Growing Up

Over the past few weeks I have begun to notice how Kara is changing and growing up (Yes, I know she's only 3). Tonight was the clincher for me to realize how independent she is becoming.

JA has always been the one to give the kids baths, so while Kara picked up the toys and I played on the computer he bathed Lydia and Andy. After the toys were picked up, I sent Kara up to go take her bath. Lydia and Andy were done, so I thought JA was upstairs giving Kara a bath. Twenty minutes later, JA comes in to print something off the computer.

"Has Kara had her bath yet"

"I thought you were upstairs giving her a bath."

"No, I was downstairs studying" (It is Saturday night, and He is a preacher)

"Well I sent her upstairs awhile ago to take her bath."

He goes upstairs -- "Tracy, you have to come see this"

I go upstairs to the bathroom and find Kara already in clean underwear trying to put on her footie pajamas. My wonderfully obedient daughter had gone upstairs undressed -- even putting her dirty clothes in the laundry basket, put about 2 1/2 inches of water in the tub, and scrubbed herself clean. She had given herself a bath (and even attempted to wash her hair, although the top was completely dry).

I really didn't want to tell her that she had to take her underwear off again so she could get her hair wash, and probably wouldn't have made her if tomorrow wasn't Sunday. My baby has become a big girl. I am excited about how she is rising to the occasion. She loves to help clean, cook, bake, and even take care of Andy.

At lunch today Andy was sitting in his highchair crying for some food. Kara yells out "Mom, can you please get Andy a bottle, he's hungry."

I love her so dearly. I pray that someday soon she will be able to comprehend her need for Christ as her Lord and Savior for only HE is LORD!

Now, please don't leave any comments about the dangers of leaving a child alone in the bathtub (I already know them, and really don't want a lecture right now).


Karis said...

From a helpless newborn to being able to do so many things for herself at age 3! I'm so thankful she's such a big helper for you.

Alicia said...

Don't worry, I certainly won't lecture you. I leave Chloe alone periodically now that she's old enough to play in the bath by herself. :) Wow, I can imagine you were taken aback by all that Kara did by herself! I can tell from that photo that she was very proud of herself for being such a big girl. They certainly do grow up fast!

samantha said...

Good for her---I think it's so important for our kids to learn to be independent as they grow!