Thursday, September 06, 2007

Learning from my children

The other morning at breakfast, I was telling Kara she needed to obey (I don't remember why). Our conversation went something like this

Me: Kara, you need to obey (probably about eating her cereal or leaving Lydia alone).

Kara: Mommy what does obey mean.

Me: (thinking -- You know very well what obey means) Obey means that you do what mommy . . .

Me: (interrupted by my thoughts -- It isn't enough that she knows she needs to do what mommy and daddy say, because what if we were to tell her to do something God tells her not to do -- not that we plan that)

Me: Obey means that you do what God tells you to do without fussing, whining, or arguing. So, since the Bible - God's Word - tells you to obey mommy and daddy you need to do what I told you to do.

I hope this conversation made a little sense to you. It amazes me how the Lord uses simple questions and conversations with my children to reinforce the simple commands that I thought I knew. I really thought I knew and understood what obedience was. But I had never really acknowledged that my obedience belongs only to God (i.e. He tells me to submit to my husband so I should submit, He tells me to honor my parents so I honor, etc. . .)

Anyways, this happened about two weeks ago and the concept is still continuously running through my mind. So I just wanted to share it with you.


Alicia said...

I've been struck by that minutely too lately. There's a line in a hide em in your heart song that says something like, parents are supposed to obey God, children are supposed to obey their parents . . ..It strikes me every time I hear that what a huge responsibility I have as a parent to obey in my own walk with God! So if I'm obeying God, and Chloe obeys me, she'll be obeying God too (reminds me of the transitive property in math). Huge stuff.

I'm a little nervous about Chloe's verbal skills developing. I'm sure she'll ask me all sorts of questions I haven't thought through yet!

TwoMuths said...

Thanks for sharing this, Tracy! Aaron has taught me so much without speaking that I can only imagine what is in store! Thanks for sharing what God is doing in you!

Karis said...

I was thinking about the same line Alicia mentioned from the Hide 'Em In Your Heart DVD as that is currently Kayla's favorite DVD and one I don't mind playing for her every day since it's straight Scripture songs. It strikes me every time that obedience is for me as much as for Kayla.

The other day I told Dan, "If she knew how much I loved her, she wouldn't do ...". Immediately, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart with the obvious "If you really knew how much God loved you, you wouldn't do..." I too am constantly challenged in my spiritual life from parenting experiences.

Thanks for the potty training encouragement. It's great hearing from people who have succeeded in this venture.

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Yes Tracy! Thanks for sharing!