Thursday, September 27, 2007

Amazing Grace

At the start of the month, I was able to attend a Ladies Retreat with three other ladies from church. We went to Amazing Grace Baptist Camp.

Leaving home I was looking forward to reconnecting with some friends.
I was also looking forward to hearing Carol Trahan speak and enjoy hearing her passion for God's Word. However, I wasn't expecting to come away from the retreat the way I did.

As Carol spoke on allowing the Word of God to 'Dwell in Me Richly', I had to ask myself -- "Do I really want to know God deeply?" Not only that, but am I a normal Christian? What is a normal Christian -- well, today's average American Christian attends church on a regular basis, may or may not read the Bible on a regular basis, and rarely speaks about the things of God unless the audience is receptive. But that is not a normal Christian. A normal Christian should have a passion for God, frequently spend time digging into the Word of God, and be sharing what God is doing in my life at every opportunity whether or not the audience is receptive. Carol reminded me that "Anything less than total abandonment and surrender will make me a very sick Christian."

During another session Carol began by asking three questions:
1. Do I want God's Best
2. Am I willing to Obey all that God reveals to me.
3. Am I more concerned for God's glory as He accomplishes His purpose in my life or do I simply want release from my struggle.

She also reminded me that I need to Learn It, Love It, and Live It out of a full life.

Coming home from this retreat I realized I did not have the passion for God's Word I needed. The Lord also convicted me of not looking for Him in the everyday things. I can't have a passion for God or cultivate a passion for God in my children until I focus on seeing God in everything of life.

At the end of the retreat they had an auctioneer come and they held an auction for products that different ladies had brought and donated.

After lunch we were able to leave, or spend time around the camp. We walked around for a little while and then played Human Foosball (the best we could with four people). This weekend was a blessing of fellowship and conviction.
OK, Time for a confession. I know nothing about cars. Marty realized that the air was low in all four of my tires. So we stopped at the first gas station. I stayed out of the way and Marty ran around the van filling the tires before the machine stopped. Martha Lynn was behind her replacing the lids to the valves. As soon as she finished filling the last tire the machine stopped. I praise the Lord for great friends !


Karis said...

How wonderful that you could get away from running a busy home (not that that's a bad life) to focusing on God's Word and being with sisters in Christ for a weekend.

Sherry Harris said...

Tracy, I agree Carol is a great speaker. I have had the privilege of hearing her twice every year for the past three years. She has many of her teachings on cd. Her daughter Sarah is also a great blessing. Sherry

CLComstock said...

Oh Tracy! I am so excited for you to have gotten to go to camp! I actually worked there for 3 summers and that is a wonderful camp and as usually it sounds like the word of God was taught! :) I would love to go to a seminar like that...someday. :)
Hope you are well!
LeAnna Comstock