Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Visit with Uncle Sam and Aunt Mandy

The weekend before VBS, Aunt Amanda and Uncle Sam came out to visit. I was greatly anticipating this visit since it had been almost two years since I had seen my little brother. And while we weren't very close growing up, we were really good friends in high school and even treated each other to special "dates" where we would go eat at Fazoli's in Fond du Lac and the go play games at the arcade.

Aunt Mandy and Kara cuddle up for a picture.

Sorry Sam, I couldn't resist posting this great picture of you.
Sam and Amanda gave Lydia this My Little Pony baby
"Pinkie Pie" for her birthday, and the only person she would
trust to hold it was Uncle Sam.

Aunt Mandy and Andy

Hey Uncle Sam, I'm not used to being this high up!

Aunt Mandy and the girls before church on Sunday

My little brother and me.

This happened during lunch before Sam and Amanda left. Andy is my third child, but he is the first of my children to fall asleep at the table. I can't blame him, he had been awake all morning because of VBS.

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Amanda said...

We had so much fun! It was great to see you.