Monday, March 22, 2010

What a Day

Our family has been battling an Upper Respirtary Infection, Ear Infection, and a touch of the stomach bug for the last week. The kids are still sick, but we thought today they needed to get out and get some fresh air since we had such a beautiful day today. This morning we walked to Dollar General and Alco to do some light shopping.

During nap time Kara, Lydia, and Andy took their bikes over to the church and rode their bikes while Ezekiel took his nap. Right before dinner we took Shalom for a walk to the park and let the kids get the last bit of their pent up energy out.

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the johnson crew said...

don't you just LOVE these warm spring days? oh, they are such a blessing in my life. i am always encouraged when i can get our kids outside and away from our apartment.

hope you all are well soon. i know that is so exhausting when you are the mom... when does mom get to stay in bed and catch up on rest?

Blessings, Janelle