Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life in our Home

Life is an adventure. This is the first February in the past three years that my kids have not had the flu. However, I think I did breathe a sigh of relief a bit earlier than I should have. For the past two weeks I battled a hint of a cold trying to take over. By Sunday I thought it had been conquered, and by Monday I was sure I was healthy. Then Wednesday happened. I was going about my normal business and Wednesday night I was knocked over by a cold without warning. It seemed like within moments and without a hint of it's arrival my throat locked up and is now screaming, the incessant cough refuses to stop for even a few moments, and my body aches from it all. I could go on and complain, but I do rejoice that since I am sick, I am sick this week and not next week. Next week is a very special week that I will share with you in the future -- right now I'm just going to enjoy those thoughts myself :)

This is what I feel like.

Kara unfortunately is facing the same wonderful ailment. In fact, I kept her home from Kids4Truth last night hoping that taking some medicine and going to bed early and not exposing her lungs to the cold air would help her. Obviously I was wrong. So, today's schedule is quite different from our normal routine.

Ezekiel is down for a nap, and my children are all enjoying a day at the movies. I pulled up some old VHS tapes out of the basement so I could have access to play on my computer (our DVD player busted a few months ago, and we have yet to replace it and so my computer has been our video player as well). So far the kids have enjoyed The Jungle Book and now they are watching Robin Hood. Understand, my kids typically do not watch more than an hour or two of movies a week (usually one movie during our Sunday evening family campouts), so today is a special treat for them.

Thankfully I don't get knocked down like this very often, but I would like to know
What type of activities do you have your kids do when mommy is sick and daddy is away at work?


Carrie said...

We play Diego..animal rescuer. the kids bring sick animals to me and I fix them up or I tell them which of their animals need rescued and what is wrong with them and they have to fix them up. We also just read and watch movies :)
Hope you feel better soon.

juliechall said...

I'm so sorry to here about the sickies...that's no fun. I actually haven't had a lot of opportunity to be sick with Brynnie at home...and one is way easier that four - so I guess I can't be a lot of help in that area! I hope you feel better soon though!

TwoMuths said...

I do the same thing - TV time! :-) Aaron is also getting more interested in playing computer games and we let him play an educational preschool game on the desktop. We also play memory or something with equally low-brain cell requirements. When Evan is sleeping too, I get out construction paper and a sheet of stickers and let Aaron stick away. (I found a bunch of those 800 sticker booklets at the dollar store a year ago and we have yet to go through the 3 I picked up)