Monday, July 06, 2009

Works of Monday

We have had several blessings this past week. JA and I were able to have a wonderful date on Thursday -- the first we've had alone since Ezekiel was born. I am so thankful for a wonderful friend who I can swap babysitting with.

Another praise is all of the VBS decorations we were able to borrow from my parents church. We also have another church that we are borrowing decorations from, so this means very little work for us in regards to decorating the church -- All I have to do is figure out where to put everything :)

A huge praise regarding Ezekiel -- Both of his tests last week came back clear. That means he does not have a kidney reflux. So hopefully this will have been his only staph infection in the urinary track. We are still waiting to get the results to find out if the infection is gone.

I am constantly finding my children to be a source of joy and a great reminder of God's goodness and His truth. Yesterday afternoon while he was waiting for lunch, Andy was singing "I've got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy." Kara is constantly singing about God and Jesus -- she is making songs up, and I am thrilled to hear her sing about what she believes about God. Lately she has been singing about God always being with her. We occasionally have to correct her theology, but usually she is correct on truths that many adults struggle with believing. Isn't it awesome to have the childlike faith!

One of these days I will try to record a video of one of her made up songs, but until then here is a video of her singing this morning.

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TwoMuths said...

WOW, a week full of blessings for you guys! I was encouraged to read this post, and even more excited for the time when our children come to faith in Christ!

(I finally got WOGM up on our blog! Feel free to come link if you like!) :-)