Friday, July 03, 2009

Dating my Husband

Marriage is such a blessing, and God has given me the priviledge to be married to the most amazing man. J.A. is also a very godly man.

Yesterday JA and I had our first date alone since Ezekiel was born. We had so much fun, and enjoyed every minute of our time alone without having to stop fights, change diapers, or even listen to complaints about being hungry. For the most part our date wasn't all that exciting. We did do a bit of shopping. For a really fun part of our day, we decided to go to Sears and get portraits taken of just the two of us. We haven't had professional pictures of just us since the wedding. After seven and a half years, we figured it was about time. We had some fabulous pictures taken which you can view here

We had a fabulous photographer, and she was so kind. She gave us some recommendations as to where we should go out to eat. She even gave us the biggest complement about our marriage that we could receive after seven years and four kids. She asked us if we were newlyweds. She even asked us if we were a blended family (since we were so happy together and already had four kids). What an incredible testimony of our love for someone to think we were newlyweds.
One of the best parts of this date was that we had a ton of fun, received some fantastic pictures, and I paid less than $5.50. Now I won't tell you how much we spent on our supper because that was not the most frugal of meals -- but than again, someone had given us $20 a month ago to do something special just the two of us, so maybe it was frugal for us :)

I'm always on the look out for fabulous, fun, and frugal dates. Please take some time to share with me what you and your husband do for dates, or how do you keep the newlywed spirit in your marriage.


Debbie Griffin said...

Brent and I had our pictures taken, too, recently with just the 2 of us. It's been 10 years for us. It was such fun and so much simpler than when I take the kids for their pictures! :-) Gotta love those date nights!

Carrie said...

What a fun idea to get pictures taken of just the two of you! I love that last one especially; it's so cute!! What a neat testimony to be able to share about how the photographer thought you were newlyweds. :)

We need to have another date night soon. They are sooo refreshing! I have a hard time coming up with frugal ideas, also. In the summer, picnics are something fun and fairly cheap . . . we also enjoy bowling and mini golf, but neither of those activities is really frugal anymore!

By the way, I keep meaning to comment and let you know I'm praying for Ezekiel. I'm so happy that he is now starting to crawl. :)

Have a happy Fourth of July!!

Mary Ann said...

Sweet! It was especially nice to read this post b/c I'm getting married on Saturday. I am on the constant lookout for successful marriages that we can learn from. With so many negative examples out there it's so encouraging to know that some couples are actually happy together - praise the Lord!