Friday, July 10, 2009

A New Carrier

Ever since Kara was born, I have been carrying my children in a ring sling called a Maya Wrap. I love my ring sling, and have gotten a lot of use out of it. However, as we prepare to go to Africa, I don't have the same confidence of being able to carry a wriggly one year old in it. Plus, I have never felt comfortable carrying my kids on my back in the ring sling.Ezekiel about two months old
So, as we get ready for our trip I have been looking for all sorts of back carriers. One problem. All of the ones I seemed to like cost well over $100. Then we went to the Homeschool convention in May. While we were there I saw a woman carrying two kids -- one on her back and one on her front. For both of them she was wearing a Mai Tai Sling that she had made. She let me look at it (when I later ran into her and her kids were sleeping in the stroller). It really seemed quite simple and easy to use -- and definately lighter weight than any of the expensive ones I had been looking at.

When we got home from convention I remembered that my friend Jenny had purchased one of these when her first born was born. After contacting her I was able to get in contact with Dream Haven Baby. I absolutely love it. Erin even went out of her way to find me a lighter weight material to work with my carrier so that I wouldn't overheat when we were in Africa. The price was also very reasonable -- just about the cheapest carrier I've used and very versitle.
Ezekiel at 11 months old
Today I tried it out for the first time, and while my back is a little sore after carrying Key for two hours, I'm sure as I get used to it I won't even notice any pain. Ezekiel certainly loved it

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TwoMuths said...

YAY! I'm so glad it worked out for you - I'd been meaning to ask if you got in touch with her, and that is fantastic news! It's adorable, too!