Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Quick Catch-UP

OK, I'm behind as usual. One of these day's I'll be able to catch up and be more consistent with my blog. Until then, enjoy my slideshow that shows our life over the past two weeks.

I've tried increasing the size of the slideshow, but Blogger isn't recognizing it, so if you want to see the pictures up close click on view all images.


Alicia said...

FABULOUS CAKE, girlfriend! Wow. I'm very impressed. I can't believe Andy's turning 1 already?!? Are you doing infant potty-training or was that just to get his hair trimmed? Looks like the couple retreat was truly a retreat. Where'd you all go?

Tracy said...

Thanks for the complement on the cake. It was a lot of fun and not really as much work as I thought it would be (I did have a picture to go by). Yes and no on the infant potty-training; since we are doing cloth diapers, we put him on the potty while we ready the diapers and make a really big deal out of it if he tinkles. We thought that would help get him comfy with doing business on the toilet. We went to Amazing Grace Baptist Camp in Ottawa, KS where Aaron and Sarah Burton, and Dan and Jennifer Baker are.

Jon and Lacey said...

Love the newspaper theme on the slide show! Super-cute! Jon and I are moving out to AGBC hopefully very soon so we'll get to see you next time you come out!