Wednesday, October 17, 2007

God's Gracious Provision

The Lord continues to provide for us in so many ways. Sunday JA and I were discussing the fact that while Lydia has an abundance of shoes for every conceivable occasion, Kara has no closed-toe dress shoes (only sandals and a pair of cowgirl boots). Kids shoes are so expensive, and even though I looked at Wal-Mart last week, I could find no dress shoes in her size. Now I know why. Last night at our home schoolers group (we had an International Dinner) one of the mom's walked up to me and asked me what size shoe Kara wore. Turns out she had a pair of dress shoes that were too small for her daughter. An added blessing -- the shoes were Gymboree shoes - I really like their quality better than others.

Another blessing is how the Lord allowed us to find a violin teacher for Kara. Miss Abigail is a high school senior who plays the violin. She agreed to work with Kara this year. Kara absolutely loves her and is really enjoying her violin lessons and practices. My non authoritative view point is that Kara is doing very well. Our practices are only about 15 minutes because of her attention span, but she seems to be catching on quickly.


Alicia said...

I love when God surprises us with special blessings like those shoes for Kara! You'll have to share a picture of her newly acquired gymboree shoes. :) Awesome news about the violin. I bet Kara feels like such a big girl getting special one-on-one lessons.

Karis said...

What a wonderful provision with the shoes! Your girls are at an age where they can be excited about it too.

Great news too about the violin teacher. Kids can learn so much when they're young.

Jon and Lacey said...

God is so good to provide even the "little" things like shoes! He knows exactly what we need!