Saturday, October 06, 2007

Around the House

Too much has happened this past month for me to try to catch up on everything, so I decided to just post some pictures from around the house (lets just say it feels like we have been gone more than we have been home).

Some how our rear windshield ended up with two big holes in it and the rest of the glass shattered. Not vandalism. Our best guess is either lightning (if lightning can hit vehicles) or the wind was so strong and the window was weak. Either way we have a nice new green window on our van (green was about $200 cheaper than to have it tinted).

Andy had a great time at the Mall while Daddy was getting the van fixed. Lets just say I spent four hours in the mall with three kids and all I bought was a box of cookies ($1) and a coffee ($2). I was as shocked as JA was when he picked me up.
Another shot of Andy at the mall

Lydia all dolled up (sorry it's blurry -- don't know why).

I think I may have posted this before, but I absolutely love this picture of Kara. She is eating something the Lord actually allowed me to grow -- Fresh from the garden cantaloupe. My family enjoyed about a months worth of cantaloupe since we had about 12 - 15 melons.

Here is a video of Kara helping me in the kitchen. Lydia abandoned her scrubbing, so Kara decided to do double duty. Enjoy my sweet child.

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