Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Life

 We are so blessed.  Not only have we been entrusted with five amazing children, three of our children have asked Christ to be Lord of their life. 

Last fall, Andy came downstairs and told us that he no longer had a black heart, but that he now had a white heart.  We questioned him, and have questioned him several times since then, and every time he tells us that he has asked Jesus to forgive his sins and be his Savior.
 After each of our kids have professed salvation, we have given them a Bible.  Andy's Bible is the ESV Seek & Find Bible.  I really like the set up of this Bible.  It has boxes scattered through out it explaining different things in the passage and shows pictures.
Andy is thrilled and excited to have a new Bible of his very own.  Now to teach him to read it :)

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Mary Ann said...

Praise the Lord! What a sweet looking boy you have there. That sounds like a great Bible for kids.