Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Kara

Wow, seven years ago I was sitting in a Bible Study at Northland Baptist Bible College and my stomach started feeling a bit strange.  I began watching the clock, and sure enough, the feeling came every ten minutes.  I was feeling the start of labor for the first time.

The next day, at 4:30 in the afternoon I was holding my sweet baby Kara for the very first time.  My mother was so excited when she found out we were having a little girl.  Her desire was that I would have a child that was just like me.  Thankfully, Kara was not the cranky colicky baby that I was.  However, she is every bit as stubborn, hard headed, and independent as I was and still am (although I do try to pretend I'm not).  

I can hardly believe my sweet adorable little baby girl turns seven tomorrow.  In truth, I find it hard to believe that I've been married for more than seven years.  God has truly blessed us with this precious blessing.

Kara's favorite things are: reading, reading, and more reading.  Oh, and she likes to eat.  I am seriously afraid that people think we starve our children because it seems like she is always asking for more to eat.  She does love her sweets, but I think she is equally happy to eat green onions and tomatoes straight from the garden.  She even loves her salads and fruits. 

Kara isn't one to venture out and try new things.  She is still shy about performing with her violin.  She has absolutely loved learning how to play the piano this year as well.  We are homeschooling her right now, and we will be homeschooling her next year as well.  We are just taking it one year at a time to determine what would be best for her.

Kara is a great help around the house, and she enjoys her baby brother.  Although she does say she isn't ready to start changing diapers yet :)

Happy Birthday Kara, I hope you enjoy your 7th birthday!


Mary Ann said...

Sweet post! Happy birthday to your Kara.
The quick passage of time is startling, isn't it? It makes me want to slow down somehow but I haven't figured out how to do it! :-)

Rob H said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Kara! I can't wait to see here although I know she will be so grown up. Enjoy the visit with Phil this week.