Thursday, February 03, 2011

An Amazing Husband

 I love bragging on my husband, and he makes it so easy for me to do.  I absolutely have the most wonderful husband in the WORLD!  In the first couple weeks of Gabriel's life it seemed like he wanted two things -- To Eat and be Held.  The main problem came when mommy was holding him.  If I was holding him, it wasn't enough to be held, I had to feed him.  That meant for the first week, I didn't get much sleep.  One morning, J.A. woke up when I was exhaustively feeding and trying to get Gabe to fall back to sleep;  He reached over, took Gabe, and carried him downstairs to the living room so I could sleep.
 When I woke up, I found J.A. and Gabe both sleeping soundly on the couch; and I felt so much better.
 Tiny Gabe, only two days old.
Gabe just a few hours after birth.

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