Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Andy!

 Four years ago, our family was in a difficult position.  JA was working a job he did not enjoy because they wanted him to push sales of a satellite TV system.  We didn't have our own home, so we were living with my parents, brother, and sister in their three bedroom house. And, we had no prospects for a ministry position we greatly longed to serve in.  Yet, in the midst of this time, God chose to bless us with one of the cutest and sweetest gifts possible -- My Andy. 
 Andy was named after his grandfather that I've never had the privilege of meeting, yet I know this man was a godly and dedicated father.  This is evidenced by the incredible three sons that he and his wife raised -- All who are planning to serve in the ministry as God permits.  Andy has a very compassionate and caring heart -- even towards his own sisters (which I think is the biggest indication of how loving he is).
 Andy, is one who loves to help and work.  If you need something, he is one of the first to volunteer to go get it.  He loves helping daddy load up the car to take the trash to the dump.  He has also been busy this fall raking the leaves.
 While Andy did not start off life with a bed (who needs a bed when you have a laundry basket :) ), he is growing into quite the young man.  In fact, I think if we would let him he would gladly let Ezekiel sleep in his bed with him -- but I don't think they would get much sleep as the two brothers love to sword fight and play trucks together.
 Andy's sweet smile melted my heart when he was born.  I fell in love with his cleft and actually cried when it was repaired.  As you can see in the picture above, the cleft just made his smile look so big.  However, Andy did not lose his great smile.  Now he loves to smile and make goofy faces.  He is certainly one of a kind, and following his daddy's footsteps in the area of humor.
 Andy's eating habits have not changed much in the last three years.  The only difference is his food doesn't usually make it up above his eyes :)
 Andy is always running, jumping, and climbing.  He has this need for constant movement.  Despite the lack of athletic ability JA and I have, Andy loves sports.  He loved playing t-ball this year, and this morning turned his sisters house slippers into a football (quickly squelched by his ever loving mother though).

As I've said before, Andy is Daddy's little helper.  He has helped daddy fix the living room fan, install a kitchen faucet, build the potatoe box (which by the way produced nothing).  He is always trying to build things and loves walking around with his toy hammer.

One of the most exciting characteristics about my little boy is his spiritual sensitivity.  For the last six months, Andy's prayer request is that God would give Ezekiel and himself white hearts.  A couple of months ago Andy began telling us he had a white heart, and that he had prayed and asked Jesus to save him.  While we don't know for sure where Andy's heart is, we do know that he loves God and wants to obey him.  Time will tell as we interact and discuss with Andy (and possibly have him pray again as we see the need).  Please pray with us for our little boy that he will choose to follow Christ as his two older sisters have.

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juliechall said...

Happy Birthday sweet Andy! What a wonderful post, Tracy. Thinking of you and praying as you welcome another sweet little one to your family.