Saturday, October 30, 2010

Busy Week

Wow, this has been an incredibly busy week for our family.  Thursday was Andy's birthday, and I'll try to share pictures on another post.  Yesterday I had a pampered chef party to get my sister's wedding gift (Pampered Chef pans).  And this morning we took the kids to the health fair, installed the new church sign, and are awaiting our weekend company.

 We really enjoyed the Health Fair this morning.  J.A. went shortly after it opened to go get his blood work done while I stayed home and fed the kids breakfast.  Once J.A. returned and finished breakfast we all walked up to the high school together to enjoy the health fair together.
 Each of the kids had the opportunity to decorate their own pumpkin.  Ezekiel was having so much fun using the markers on his pumpkins that I don't think he even noticed all the glue his brother and sisters were using.  However, once Andy discovered the stickers there was no stopping Ezekiel from adding the stickers to his pumpkin.
 Walking around the different booths the kids enjoyed a variety of treats -- some stickers, candy (imagine candy and chocolate at a health fair), and all four kids were able to get new bicycle helmets.  Again, Ezekiel is really excited to be joining the ranks of his brother and sisters with his new head gear. 

After our adventurous morning, the kids were ready to come home and do some work.  Kara and Lydia went next door to help a neighbor rake leaves, and Andy went to go help daddy and some men from church install a new church sign.
 Last month, the men came and laid the foundation for our new church sign.
 Yesterday our new sign arrived, and today JA along with some men from the church installed the new sign.  The electrical still needs connected, but the new sign is up and on display. 
 Ezekiel enjoyed watching the progression of the sign from the sidelines, 
and you can see his wonderful new bike helmet.

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