Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fourth of July Activitites

On July 4, we decided to take a drive.  We figured the best place to visit on Independance Day is Lady Liberty herself.  We loaded up the van and drove .  

The kids all gathered around the base of Lady Liberty for a photo op.  For some reason, I thought she would be much taller and surrounded by water not fields :)

We also drove some of the country roads and the kids had their first near death experience (or at least they think they had a near death experience).  We had had a lot of rain the previous week, but we were driving down a gravel road that was safe -- until the gravel turned into what looked like a dry clay road.  Well, the dirt and clay was not the least bit dry as J.A. surfed and pushed the van through.  At one point we were stuck and trying to figure out how we would get out (the particular location had no cell phone reception).  However, J.A. the master pilot was able to baby the van until she cooperated and we finally arrived back on almost dry ground. 
We drove straight home to pick up some coins for the car wash.  We did not want the clay to stick like cement to the van.

At home, Ezekiel decided he wanted to be supper, so he climbed into the roaster and continued to try to turn it on (he neglected to notice that it was not plugged in).  

This is not yet the end of our Fourth of July adventures, but I will save the rest for another post.


Josh Healy said...
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Tricia said...

Hey Tracy,hope everything is going well. Your kids are getting so big! I was looking back on your blog and saw again that you all visited your mother in law in Uganda. Is she still there? I just thought it was neat, as we are in the process of adopting from there. We probably won't be traveling until next summer, so I don't know if she will still be there, but we would love to see her if she is!

Toni Tralala said...

Congratulations with the pregnancy! :) It looks like your 4th of July adventure is one for the books! The kids look happy.