Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Backyard Campout

All summer we have been trying to have a backyard campout in preparation to actually take the kids camping.  However, everytime we would have an opportunity to set up the tent and campout, I would take a look at the weather forcast and discover -- Thunderstorms coming our way.  Thus, the campout continued to be postponed.  Monday afternoon JA set up the tent.
We planned to camp out Monday night, but since the kids had spent most of Monday outside, by six o'clock they were grumpy and tired, so we decided it would be better to wait to campout Tuesday night after having a good day of rest (I think this may have been a mistaken judgement). 
As you can see Ezekiel thoroughly enjoyed his s'mores.
Kara, Lydia, and Andy roasted all the marshmellows for the s'mores.      

Tuesday came and the kids rested, and spent the day inside (so as not to destroy the tent while they played outside).  After nap time, we ate dinner and then daddy fixed a campfire so we could roast marshmellows and enjoy s'mores.
 After enjoying our s'mores we got everyone ready for bed, and then descended upon the tent.  Even Ezekiel was excited to get to sleep in the tent.  It took quite a while, but we finally all fell asleep shortly after midnight.


TwoMuths said...

So I am dying to know - how did they do the next day after the late night?? this is my biggest hangup for a camping trip - grumpy kids! ;-)

Tracy said...

Jenny, The kids did surprisingly well yesterday. I expected them to be a bit fussy and grumpy, but they weren't. We did have a little difficulty focusing on school work, but considering the day after a camping trip won't typically include school work, I wasn't bothered. Hopefully next time won't be such a late night in the tent :)