Monday, August 25, 2008

Works of God Monday

Currently my heart is overwhelmed with the many blessings that God has given to us over the past several years that we have been married. However, I must say that the biggest Work of God in our lives is the birth of four very healthy children. While each of our children have faced small health issues shortly after being born, all of their problems were very minor and easily fixed.

Kara Struggled with respiratory problems for her first 2 1/2 years.

Lydia struggled with severe constipation for her first six months
until I finally resorted to putting her on soy formula.

Andy was born with a cleft lip that was repaired
when he was four months old.
Ezekiel was born with a cephalahematoma that should clear up in the next three months. As a result he has had to use a bili blanket to help lower his bilirubin levels.

Other praises include winning a toddler backpack from Carabella's. JA and I decided to use it as part of Andy's birthday present in a couple of months.

Another tremendous blessing is how the Lord has given me such fantastic friends here. One of my good friends watched my kids so JA and I could enjoy a candlelight dinner while I was in the hospital. However, she also decided to clean my house while she was here. So I had the opportunity to come home to a clean house :) I've also had several friends who have provided dinners for our family. It has certainly been a blessing to not have to rack my brain about what to fix for dinner.

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Rachel said...

wow. sounds like a happy fam.... love the pics toooo