Monday, June 30, 2008

Abundant Blessings

We have received abundant blessings over the past two weeks. The first blessing is Andy's new bike. Kara's friend Noah outgrew his tricycle and decided he wanted to give his bike away. Andy absolutely loves his new bike, and everytime the garage is open he goes straight for the bike.

The second blessings is that JA was able to have his first baptismal service. A gentleman who attends our church approached him a couple of months ago and expressed his desire to be baptized. The schedules finally worked out and we held a baptismal service at a church about thirty minutes away. I think this was an exciting time for everyone in church.

The electricity in our fellowship building is on the blitz right now, so we had the privilege of having everyone at church join us in our house for dinner on Sunday. We had a total of 24 people for the noon meal. I am so thankful that the Lord has provided us with a large home where we can entertain people comfortably.

This last blessing is a bit of a frivolous blessing, but it is still a blessing. I am now entering my 32 week of pregnancy, and I have enjoyed a healthy and easy pregnancy thus far. This last blessing I received today when I went to go get my hair done. I discovered (thanks to Stacy!) that I have curly hair. At some point over the last four years my hair developed a natural curl in it. Today Stacy taught me how to bring out the curl, and this is the result.


melinda said...


I have always wanted curly hair. It looks really nice.

Alicia said...

Your curly hair looks great! Hope it's easy to do in the morning too.