Monday, April 21, 2008

Picture Update

This weekend my sister and her friend came for a visit. We had a great time together, and Kara and Lydia loved spending time with her. Andy however seemed to want to avoid her the whole time she was here.

We went to the city park Sunday afternoon before they left. While Kara and Lydia love the Merry-go-Round, Andy's favorite thing is to drive the tractor.

Andy has now advanced to sleeping on a toddler bed. He has been on the toddler bed for a month now, and we've not had any of the adjustment problems we had with Kara and Lydia. Andy spent two weeks not realizing he could get off of the bed of his own accord. Now he stays in bed until he wakes up from his nap or morning.

JA took Kara to the Town Easter Egg hunt. Unfortunately while she was searching for eggs, hail was falling.

The kids and I were sick on Easter, so the kids and I all stayed home. These Easter pictures were taken the Sunday following Easter when we were all able to get back to church.

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Alicia said...

Andy's such a big boy already! How's the pregnancy going?