Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Past four years

I have to admit, I can hardly believe that Kara is already four years old. It seems like these years have flown by. Today I decided to take a trip down memory lane with various pictures of Kara. I hope you enjoy seeing how she has grown over the past four years.

The Birthday Girl
A few months ago playing pirate
This past year Kara has learned a lot about the violin
Here Kara is two years old. We are at Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick.
Kara at the age of two -- very curious and investigating everything.
My two year old!
Kara and me playing with foam swords
Daddy's first Father's Day
Tata's first grandchild
Mommy's first baby :) I can still remember how wonderful it felt for the first time to be able to hold my baby in my arms.
Kara's first Christmas with Uncle Rob and Aunt Julie
Kara's first birthday with Uncle Phil

Kara's visit with GrandyWe look forward to one day meeting Grandy in Heaven.
Kara and Daddy at the beach
Kara's first trip to Alaska

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juliechall said...

It's really fun to see all these pics - I can't believe how much Kara has grown! Very fun :)