Thursday, November 29, 2007

Couple's Retreat

A month ago JA and I had the privilege of attending the couples retreat at Amazing Grace Baptist Camp. Pastor Matt and Donna Williams were the speakers for the retreat. It was a blessing for us to be able to get away for a night just the two of us, and enjoy the atmosphere of the retreat. A total of eight couples were at the retreat, and we had a great time of fellowship, games (human fooseball :) ), and spiritual nourishment. Not to mention the opportunity to visit with our friends Aaron and Sarah Burton, Dan and Jen Baker, Keith Bartram, Mom and Dad, and Bart and Ashton Tillotson.

Mom and Dad playing the Newlyweds game.
Dad rebounding for our game of Horse
The most wonderful Husband in the world!

Mom and the dog which liked to follow her.
JA playing Horse

Mom going in for the shot :)
Dad and Mom
The most wonderful couple!

Bart and Ashton in the newlyweds game


Anonymous said...

You know they may be the most wonderful couple. But they have the greatest couple as their mom and dad.


CLComstock said...

i love all the pics of agbc!!! i miss it! did you get to play outdoor carpet ball? :)