Saturday, July 14, 2007

Opa Help ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Opa, I need your help. My mommy doesn't seem to understand some things. And, Daddy doesn't seem to be able to help. Can you please explain to Mommy that I am a BOY and Boy's don't like PINK! Now that I'm crawling I can finally get to the computer and type out my plea for help.

Problem #1 You see, since I started eating food, mommy started putting bibs on me. Now sometimes she puts a pink bib on me -- of course if someone else is at our house I get a blue one, but I still don't like the pink bibs.

Problem #2 Mommy just started feeding me a bottle. I don't mind so much the bottle, but can you please ask her to stop giving me the pink bottles. I would much rather have green or blue, or even orange. But not pink. (Daddy's not much better at this one -- he fed me a pink bottle this morning).

Problem #3 Opa, this is the one that prompted me to write this letter to you. As you can see in the pictures I can now drive a car -- A pink Cadillac. OK, I understand mommy's Mary Kay business is going nowhere fast, but I don't need to ride the pink car just to remind her.

I just thought since you were a boy like me, maybe you could explain a few things to mommy. I would really like your help.

Andy -- your favortitest grandson.

And look, this is even written on a pink page -- HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey opa will see what he can do.
But if your dad doesn't mind you having pink you will have to sit down and have a long wail with him. Usually, that gets a response of some kind. If you don't get your way then wail some more. Eventually dad will catch on to what you want. You should also remember God's Word says.
God will supply our needs not necessarily all our wants. At least they have not put you in a dress like they used to do.

Tracy said...

Hey, we never put Andy in a dress

Carrie said...

WOW he looks so big here . . . I don't remember how old he is but he's definately growing up fast. No pink at this house if you want to come visit!

Alicia said...

I'm afraid Andy is just beginning to see how much pink he'll have to deal with his whole life now that he's behind two girls. He's looking so big and healthy! How old is he now?

Katie said...

Too funny! Luke loves to walk around with my hot pink purse over his shoulder. :) They're still all boy though, aren't they?

Shannon Smith said...

What a cute post! Poor Andy!

carissa said...

so funny! Sorry Andrew faces the same challenges at times. Hang in there. :)