Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Anniversary My Love

Five Years ago today I married the most wonderful man in the world. I am so thankful that the Lord brought JA into my life, and allowed us to get married despite myself.
The top ten reasons I am thankful for JA are:
1. He loves the Lord more than anything else in this life, and He wants to serve the Lord in every possible way that he can.
2. JA has demonstrated God's love towards me in many different ways, and He is always directing me back to the Scriptures and our Savior.
3. JA loves his children, and puts in a lot more work and time with them than most men that I know (including the changing of dirty diapers).
4. JA loves to read and would rather us read books together as a family than watch television.
5. JA is willing to do whatever job he needs to in order to provide for us, even if it meant working fast food (which thankfully he's not had to do).
6. JA spoils me with a lot of things that I like even if I don't need them.
7. JA is a peacemaker and rarely gets upset with me.
8. JA cares enough about our children to discipline them when they are being disrespectful.
9. JA enjoys planning things for us to do as a family.
10. JA saved his first kiss for me.


Shannon Smith said...

Happy Anniversary!

Josh and Bekah Jones said...

Happy Anniversary JA & Tracy. I remember your wedding like it was yesterday. :)
Love Bekah