Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Greetings

This week has been an exciting week for us. We are prayerfully awaiting to find out if we will be moving soon (We will find out after December 31). We have also been preparing for Christmas. Elizabeth and I have decided to kick mom out of the kitchen on Monday, and we are going to make the meals. So, we have been busy deciding on a menu.

Lydia enjoys playing with her little brother. So much that in this picture she knocked over the activity gym. He is growing so quickly! He is reaching for his toys and waving his hands to bat them. Last night he was trying to reach for me while he was laying on his daddy's lap. I was excited about that!

Andy has also began to smile. He smiles best for his Aunt Beth (she's the only one who can get him to smile for the camara). We are having so much fun together as a family. Have a Merry Christmas, and
Remember to thank the Lord for the most precious gift of all -- His Son Jesus Christ and the incredible gift of Redemption.

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Josh and Bekah Jones said...

Merry Christmas. Andrew is very cute. Have a wonderful year with your new addition. We will see you this summer.