Saturday, October 07, 2006

Attacked by a Virus

This week our home was attacked by a nasty stomache virus. It began with Lydia on Sunday afternoon (after we already took her to church and she transferred it to all of the kids in the nursury). Monday night, Kara and Timmy got sick, and it continued to work it's way through Elizabeth, Me and Opa. The only one's who escaped this nasty illness was JA and Oma.

Today we are finally all healthy. This has been a crazy week between taking care of sick kids, going to Elizabeth's tennis match, and attending a football game.

Some praises from the week -- JA had an interview on Monday morning at Sears. They say he
has the job although they have not yet called to tell him when he begins orientation.
Unfortunately this is only a temporary job for the holidays (but not so unfortunate if
we soon have a church to work at).

My doctor's appointment went well this week. I am measuring at 37 weeks, and the
doctor ordered another sonogram which verified that the baby is about 36 1/2
weeks. So hopefully I'll be holding a little boy in two weeks!!!

Here are some fun pictures of the girls.


CariGerdt said...

The girls are adorable!!! I can't believe how big they are getting!!! and I can't believe that soon you will have a little boy! :) That is so exciting!!!! I can't wait to see pictures of him once he arrives!!! I hope that you and JA Are doing well!!! and I will be praying about a church for you! Do you have any leads?


Kelli said...

Glad you are all feeling better! Wow, a little boy in 2 weeks! How exciting! The girls look so big in that last picture. Praying that the Lord leads you to a new ministry!

Tata said...

Sorry about the sickness! It had to be tough since you are so far along- but aren't we glad you're further along? The pics were adorable. I hope Eliz match went well. Praying for you about a church. Just got back from Kampala with my repaired truck. Praise the Lord
Love you,

Josh and Bekah Jones said...

I'm so excited for you and Andy. Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? :)
Things are going well here. We are flying out to Flordia on Saturday.
We are praying for a church for yall.

Debbie Griffin said...

only 2 weeks!?! That's wonderful! I know it's been a long journey (trust me...I KNOW!!!) but you'll be holding that little boy before you know it! Keep us posted!