Saturday, May 13, 2006

We are Done!!!!!!!!!!!

The school year is officially over. The Lord has faithfully brought us to the end of another season of our lives. JA and I both graduated with our Master of Arts degrees today. As much as we both enjoy learning and studying I pray that we are done with our formal education for the time being. We both hope to continue taking classes, but nothing in the near future.

Much to my surprise I really enjoyed today's ceremony. I think most of the reason was because I was able to walk in beside JA, sit next to him during the entire ceremony and be able to receive my diploma immediately after him. It was wonderful being able to watch Dr. Olson and Dr. Horn hug JA as he crossed the platform and to even be able to hear a bit of what they said. I praise the Lord for the honor of being able to graduate with JA this year.

Below are some pictures from today.

My wonderful husband and me before the ceremony

JA receiving his diplomaOur family together after the ceremony
My wonderful husband showering me with affection

Lydia making a final grab for the tassle

Thank you Lord for bringing us through the last four years of school (and the many years of school before we were married). We are exitedly anticipating the Lord's leading for a church in which we can minister. I pray we will always be faithful to God and that we will raise our children with the desire to serve and honor God with their lives the way our families taught us to be faithful through their church ministries. Please pray with us as we seek God's leading for the next season of our lives. We know He is faithful and will show us in His perfect timing when we are ready to receive His plans.


TnT dynamite family said...

Congradulations to the both of you! You are finally done with school, as of now. How does it feel? lol I am proud of you. Tracy you look really pretty! No joke, the pictures make your natural glow appear. Ok anyways...I hope you have a great evening/Sunday. I have to go I am exahusted. Oh, dad tried to call you but he couldn't get a hold of you so yeah... love ya.
Elizabeth Marie
Hey, when did you get a haircut?

Nadine Meyer said...

Hello Tracy I found you. Nice pictures of you and JA at graduation! I would agree you have a glow! Not sure if that is the glow of being done with school, or husband loving you or being in the motherly way :-) Maybe all of the above!! :-) Thanks for letting me know where to find your blog. I am hoping to post to mine soon. Maybe when I have more time the end of this week!

banjonomad said...

congratulations!!! i'm so happy for you!

Mwelwa said...

Hey guys. I know I haven't talked to you guys in forever. But congradulations anyway. Jay, your brother has been keeping me a little bit up to date about you guys here at the beach. I hope to talk to you guys later!

Alicia said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Love the girls' matching dresses. Chloe has that same dress in yellow; did you get them at wal-mart?

Let us know how/where the Lord leads. Hip-hip-hooray! This calls for a celebration!

Shannon said...

Congrats Tracy! I commend you for being faithful and finishing the course. I would've given up a while ago, okay so, I did. :)And you've persevered with 2 little ones. Enjoy the time off, and we'll be praying as God directs you to your next step.

Carrie said...

Congratulations Tracy and JA!!!! I love that picture where he is giving you a big kiss. :) So cute! And I also love the girls' dresses. Also, your haircut looks really cute too!!

Praying for you as you look to God for His plans for your future!

robertlhall said...

Finally made it!! maybe some day I will have a graduate degree too!! Love you guys and we are proud of you.

Rob and Jules

Josh and Bekah Jones said...

Congrats! Josh and I can't wait to see you in June.

Debbie Griffin said...

Love the pictures! You all look so happy and relieved :-) Love the girls' outfits, too! Let's talk about your dress...crazy busy until Monday...I'll call you Monday about it!q

Tracy said...

Beth - I got my haircut about a month ago.
Alicia - I love Wal-Mart's clearance, and I enjoy matching the girls for special occasions.
Carrie - the picture with JA kissing me is also my favorite picture. Thanks for the comment about my haircut. It has definately taken some getting use to, but I like the easy go.

carissa said...

those pictures are great! I can't believe I didn't see you that day except for walking down with JA. Your Instant Mashed Potatoes post brought tears to my eyes. You should publish that really. I need to read my Bible now. Thanks for the thoughts!!

Nadine Meyer said...

Tracy-I put the recipe on my blog tonight but it doesnt show up just the title. HMMM can my wonderful neighbor come help me figure out what I am doing wrong?! I tried to figure it out but to no avail.