Saturday, April 29, 2006

Princess for a Day . . . well, maybe for Life

Friday was Kara's birthday party. The first guest to arrive was (dare I say) her boyfriend. Justin showed up a little while before the party and helped Kara wake up from her nap.
Here they are looking out the window waiting for the other guests to arrive.
Everyone patiently awaits for their picnic meal of hotdogs, macaroni & cheese, and baked beans--Kara's favorites. Notice Kara is still sticking close to Justin (better not let Daddy see).
Here you can see Abby and Josiah enjoying their dinner.
After Kara finished her food she thought it would be a great idea to help Justin finish his food.
Uncle Phillip even showed up to make Kara happy
Here is Kara opening her presents
Thanking Justin for his present
And Finally the best part -- Cake and Ice Cream


Alicia said...

Love the cupcake cake! Very cute! I assume you all live in the apartments? How nice to be on the first floor so that you can easily sneak outside to play with the girls. I love her little dress and kerchief. Aren't dresses the best?

Kelli said...

Very cute cake! We sang happy birthday to her in Sunday School yesterday. I love seeing her and Justin interact...they sure are best buds! The most I hear Justin say is "Kara, Come here!" So cute!

Tracy said...

Thanks Kelli. I always enjoy watching Justin because I don't have to keep them entertained. They play great together. Hopefully they'll adjust quickly after we move

Tracy said...

We live in the apartments. It is wonderful because I can take Kara out to the playground when Lydia takes her morning nap. I love little girls' clothes

Elaine Heller said...

What beautiful princesses you have! My daughter thinks it's a third gender - you are a boy, girl, or princess!

Tom said...

Ok, I am going to see if this works, if not well then oh well! lol So how are you doing big sis? I am leaving you a comment as you asked! lol I did my report yesterday, and I am horrible talking in front of a lot of people, i kept tripping over my words and just made the 10 min. point at 10 min. and 9 sec. it was pretty scary. I am glad Kara had a great birthday! I wish we could have been there! We miss you all! Love Elizabeth Marie