Friday, April 21, 2006

Easter Egg Hunt

Kara and her friend Josiah had a wonderful time on the tire swing out at the playground after we finished taking family pictures.

After awhile, we changed the kids out of their Easter clothes, and J.A. and John hid Easter eggs in the park. I think we had ten eggs that the kids had colored themselves. We also had several other eggs filled with dinasours, frogs, candy, jelly beans, and money. When Kara went out to the park with her Easter basket, she immediately began finding the eggs.

However, it did not take her very long to discover that some
of the eggs had candy in them. She was soon opening up the eggs to try to see how much candy she could eat before mommy and daddy informed her she needed to look for more eggs.

J.A. even gave Lydia the opportunity to find an egg. However, she decided that the moment was much better spent trying to sneak as many rocks into her mouth as she could before Daddy realized what she was doing.

After all of the eggs were found we went inside and enjoyed a wonderful dinner.


Lizzie said...

Hey Tracy! I just thought I would set up an account so that I could comment on you site, and then you can comment on mine!! Kara looks really cute with that pink dress on! Wait a minuete she looks cute all the time so what am I talking about?! Well, just thought I would leave you a comment! Talk to you later.
Love, Elizabeth

robertlhall said...

hmm...letting Kara hang out with boys already??

Tracy said...

What can we say. She's a flirt :)