Monday, January 02, 2012

What A Year It's Been - Kara

Happy New Year!  Okay, I know it's January 2 - but hey at least I'm not a whole month behind.  I thought it would be fun to share something from my kids their favorites from 2011 and their hopes for 2012. 

Kara - a shepherd and the Inn Keeper

Today I'll start with my eldest child - Kara Beth

A Little About me:
Name: Kara
Age: 7
Favorite Color: Rainbow
Favorite Food: Candy
Favorite Activity: Playing with my new Penguin (Thank you Aunt Sharon!)
Favorite Book: The Boxcar Children
An unused blackberry turned Mp3/Kindle/Camera/Video camera
Highlights from 2011
Greatest Lesson Learned: Math
Hardest thing of the year: Obeying (I'm so glad she was honest here)
Favorite Memory: Vacation
What I loved most about 2011: Getting a scooter

Contemplation - Kara loves losing herself in the beauty of God's Creation
Looking forward to 2012
Want to Learn: How to do cartwheels
Want to get better at: Handstands
Biggest Goal: To read all of the book Little Women

A wonderful servant (when it's her own idea)

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