Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Happy Birthday Lydia

Tomorrow my little girl turns 6.   Lydia is my sweet sensitive one.  She feels everything, and is concerned about everyone and everything.  While sometimes this can be frustrating -- because she loses complete control when she even THINKS that she is in trouble, this aspect of her personality is also a blessing as she is very sensitive to spiritual things.  She is concerned about obeying God and hates the idea of any of her friends not knowing God.
Lydia's first time fishing
 Lydia is also my peacemaker.  She can play well with Andy, or she can play well with Kara.  She tries to be loving and kind.  She can be easily persuaded by her oldest sister, but she is learning to stand up and say "No, that's not the right thing to do." 
 Lydia loves Cats - probably because of Kara's passion for cats.  She greatly misses Shalom, and whenever we go down to visit the grandparents she asks if we can go visit Shalom.  Lydia loves animals.  Lydia is also very detailed oriented. Because of this, she does her work slowly - because she wants to make sure she gets everything right.  But, if I need things vacuumed very well - she is the person to ask :)
 Lydia loves to explore, and will often get sidetracked by something and not realize where she is going.  Because of this, when we are out we need to keep close tabs on which direction she is going.  But, we've only lost her once - last year at the zoo.  I even hate admitting that, but am very thankful we found her quickly (before she really even got upset about it).  Now, I am sure to count heads repeatedly whenever we move about at the zoo or mall.
 Lydia has a very vivid imagination.  While Kara prefers to bury her nose in a book, Lydia much prefers to act the book out.  She also loves being artistic.  She made a pillowcase in 4-H this year, and I have a feeling this was just the first of many projects she will be completing this next year.
 Lydia loves books, but she will tell you she doesn't know how to read (she can, but it takes a lot of effort on her part- so she would much rather have you read the book to her).
Lydia is a sweetheart, and I love her so much.  Her sensitive nature and daily reminders to pray for our soldiers.  She has a sweet love for her brother and desires to give him whatever he wants.  Lydia is a blessing, and I am excited about the many creative things she will do for God in her life.

Happy Birthday Lydia

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Rob H said...

I cannot believe she is six already!!! Wow. I hope it is a very happy and fun day for your family.