Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Challenge, My Comedian

Ezekiel riding in the combine
Can it be that my little Ezekiel is almost 3 years old?  My joyous surprise the morning he was born and the Dr. called out - A Boy!  My poor boy nameless for a few hours while Daddy and I struggled to come up with an acceptable name for our fourth precious blessing.  Like all parents, we have taken considerable amount of time choosing the right name for each of our children.  With Ezekiel, we did this twice - however since the first name was for a girl, we had to think fast.  As JA listed names from Scripture, we would look up the meanings to find the perfect name for our little boy.  At the time we settled on Ezekiel Paul (until a nurse came into my room later that day and said "Ezekiel Paul Hall" - I am not into rhyming our children's names).  Thus his name was quickly changed to Ezekiel Peter.  He was named Ezekiel because the name means God has strengthened.  At the time, I took joy in the definition because I knew I would need strength to raise four kids.  Little did I realize it would not be me, but Ezekiel who greatly needed God's strength. You can read it here
 Ezekiel is my WILD Child.  Literally, he is my crazy, do what he wants kinda guy. He is his own little man - capable, in his own eyes, of doing whatever everyone else can do.

With his independent streak, he is also my imaginative one.  He will spend all day shooting bad guys, or sword fighting to his heart's content using anything that even remotely (or unremotely) resembles the item in question.

Ezekiel is also my clown. He absolutely loves to laugh, and enjoys nothing more than to get you to laugh with him. Whether it be by making the goofiest face you've ever seen, or surprising you with a tickle fest.
Ezekiel is a child with no fear - oh, he will act all shy and fearful if you try to force him to do something, but if left to his own, I have no doubt he would sit on the edge of a high cliff and enjoy the view.  He would probably sit their for hours if his bouncy self didn't fall off the cliff when he gets excited about seeing a bird or a buffalo :)

With Ezekiel, I can always know that he will enjoy the small things.  Whether it be a bird in the sky, a deer in the road, or especially a cow grazing in the field.  He is my happy boy (if he's not being terrorized by older siblings).
My precious little Ezekiel.  Born quickly and fighting for the abilities he has achieved - Ezekiel is a child of strength.  Trust me, if he is bowling towards you with a gleam in his eye, you had better step aside. He has a VERY hard head :)


Mary Ann said...

He sounds like a tremendous blessing :-) Happy birthday, Ezekiel!

Steve n Vickie said...

Sounds like my Lindsey :D Happy Birthday Mr. Exekiel.