Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Trusting God

Monday morning we left Moncton, New Brunswick to return to the states. We praise the Lord for his faithfulness and provision toward us. He has promised never to leave us nor forsake us. We will greatly miss the people of Grace Baptist Church whom we have grown to love. However, we are excited about the next step in our lives.

We continue to praise God for His faithfulness to us even when the uncertainty of life arises. We cannot see what our next step is, but we are so thankful that God does. He knows all of our future steps, and we desire to continue to walk by faith trusting that God will illuminate our steps as we go. Right now we feel as though we are taking a step in darkness (because we don't know what we are to do), but Praise God He will reveal it in his time.

Rom 8:28-32
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified. What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

Trust His Heart

All things work together for our good,
Though, sometimes, we can’t see how they could.
Struggles that break our hearts in two
sometimes blind us to the truth.
But our Father knows what’s best for us,
His ways are not our own,
So, when the pathway grows dim,
And you just can’t see Him,
Remember, He’s still on the throne.

God is too wise to be mistaken;
God is too good to be unkind.
So, when you don’t understand,
When you don’t see His plan,
When you can’t trace His hand,
Trust His heart.

He sees the master plan,
And He holds our futures in His hand.
So, don’t live as those who have no hope:
All our hope is found in Him.
We walk in present knowledge,
But He sees the first and the last.
And, like a tapestry
He’s weaving you and me
to, one day, but just like Him.

God is too wise to be mistaken;
God is too good to be unkind.
So, when you don’t understand,
When you don’t see His plan,
When you can’t trace His hand,
Trust His heart.


carissa said...

hi friend. Love that song. Thanks for sharing it. Miss you.

Tfipps said...

We are all praying for you here. Can't wait to hear where the Lord will lead you!

samantha said...

Praying for you, Tracy! I appreciate your sweet attitude about everything--such an encouragement to me.

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

He's leading you! Continue to trust Him!

Tracy said...

Thank you all for the encouragement. I really appreciate it. I'll keep you updated as we learn more -- until then, please continue to pray for us (and especially that I will have a right attitude and spirit -- I'm constantly having to remind myself to place my security in God not in JA or in a job).

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs.Hall, Pastor Hall, and girls! We miss you all so much already! Mom and I were in nursery for Prayer Meeting without Kara&Lydia! So sad! We're praying for you!Hope things are going well!

The Ells girls (Krystle, Debbie, &Shelby)

Sarah said...

I will pray for you as you continue to seek what God has for your next step!

Debbie Griffin said...

We'll be praying for you that the Lord's will is absolutely clear for you. Remember that He is our Father and delights in showing us what He wants us to do so we can show our love for Him in our obedience to His leading! We all speak from experience when we say that this time of uncertainty will definitely draw you closer to the Lord and strengthen your faith in Him!

Kelli said...

You are such a great example of stepping out in Faith. I am often rebuked when I read what you guys are doing in faith and realize how easy it is for me to trust in myself. The Lord will direct you in the way that you should go. I am looking forward to hearing how the Lord is going to work in and through your life.

Lorelei said...

Hi Mrs. Hall!
Just wanted to let you know how much we miss you! Everyone here continues to pray for both your physical safety and God's continued blessings in your spiritual lives.
We so appreciate the way God has used you to be a blessing in our lives, and give Him the praise and glory for new friendships that will last into eternity, even if we don't have the opportunity to see you again in this life.

Miss you, but glad you are following God's leading,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing what the Lord is doing in your life. It is a rebuke to me to see your trust and commitment. Thank you for the beautiful song! We'll pray for you.