Friday, September 08, 2006

August Prayer Letter

Dear Partners in Prayer, September 8, 2006

“Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God.” (2 Corinthians 3:5) We praise God for what He has done throughout the summer. The Lord has continually proven Himself faithful and kept us humble as He has graciously enabled ministry here in Moncton, New Brunswick Canada.

While Pastor Cochran and his family was visiting family and friends in the States from July 23rd to August 12th, I filled the pulpit for all services and adult/teen Sunday School. As I preached these services, I was challenged to preach the wisdom of God, which opposes the wisdom of the world, and to refrain from preaching while depending upon my own wisdom.

Grace Baptist Church began laying some of the groundwork for our Vacation Bible School while Pastor Cochran was gone, distributing fliers and canvassing several neighborhoods. After Pastor came back, preparation for VBS began rapid progression. Pastor Cochran asked Mr. Bob Roberts of Kids4Truth Ministries to preach and present the program for VBS this year, which was titled “A Journey to Knighthood.” Kids4Truth is a ministry of which the primary goal is to teach doctrine to children.

The attendance of A Journey to Knighthood allowed Grace Baptist Church to make contact with several new families. Mr. Roberts preached a salvation message. Please pray as the church follows-up on these contacts. A teen rally was planned for the two days following VBS; we praise the Lord again, who tripled the attendance the second evening. Each evening, following the salvation testimonies of church members, Mr. Roberts preached salvation messages. At the conclusion of the service the second evening, three unsaved teens raised their hands for prayer.

Please pray for a teen who attended the rally. He excused himself after the preaching part of the rally started each night. I met him as he was returning to the rally at the close of Mr. Roberts message, and he gave a clear salvation testimony. This teen admitted he did not consistently walk with God, saying, “I figure that is normal for a fourteen year-old going to public school.” Pray that a strong Christian brother will disciple this teen that he may experience the joy and victory of a personal relationship with God.

Please pray for two of the children who ride the van to church, Dominique and Alexander. These two are brother and sister; as we see them and interact with them we can tell that they long for the true love which only Christ offers. Dominique and Alexander will be moving forty minutes from the church. However, there is still a possibility that they may be able to continue coming. Please pray that Satan will not be able to keep these children from attending.

We praise God for your prayer-support as we have served Him throughout the summer in New Brunswick Canada! Please pray for us as we seek God’s will for ministry after this summer.

Serving Him,

J.A. and Tracy Hall


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Anonymous said...
Hi Tracy this is Tammy Larson. Hey I love looking at your site. Hey were do I go to get info on prince Edward Island if you could email me at

Tata said...

Thank you for your servants' hearts, JA and Tracy. God guides as we are in the way doing His work. Good Job! I know He has the best plan. He will show you where you are to minister. Tracy, please greet your family for me, and tell them that I love them. Tell your mom to hug our grandbabies for me!

robertlhall said...

Hey, I was moved by the story of the fourteen year old boy. It is sad to think that so many misunderstand true grace and continue to walk in sin after a mental consent to the gospel. May God bring someone to disciple him.

Tracy, how is the pregnancy going? I am a little out of the loop I guess. We love you guys.

Phil Hall said...

hey, glad to see all is going well--it's cool that you guys have your own prayer letter and stuff. I bet that Kara and Lydia are enjoying themselves as well. I need to call you guys some time--what are y'all doing for Christmas?